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§1 [General provisions]
1. All Products are non-prefabricated items, manufactured according to the Buyer's specifications, for his individual order and serve to satisfy his individual needs.
2. The owner of the Website ("Seller") is: Szymon Jędrzejczak, running a business under the name: NewNetwork.pl Szymon Jędrzejczak, ul. Cicha 10/1, 72-100 Goleniów, Poland. NIP: 955-201-67-71, REGON: 320785832, registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, kept by the Minister of Economy of Poland
3. The Buyer logs in to the Account by entering the login (which is the e-mail address) and password. He creates the password when registering. The password must be at least 5 characters long and may contain letters and numbers, no other characters are allowed. The seller is not responsible for the consequences of using the "remember the password" option. If the Buyer forgets the password, then he / she selects the "I forgot my password" icon, provides the e-mail address used during registration and the Seller sends a new password to this e-mail address.

§2 [Protection of personal data]
1. The Seller is the administrator of the Buyers' personal data.
2. The Buyer provides the following data:
a.when making the Registration:
- obligatory: name, surname, e-mail address
- optional: gender and marital status, date of birth
b.after Registration:
- obligatory: address (street, house number, apartment number, zip code, country), landline or mobile phone number
- optional: company name, additional landline or mobile phone number, additional shipping address, invoice details (NIP), photos, other additional information
c. when placing an order without registering:
- mandatory: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence (street, house number, apartment number, zip code, city, country),
- optional: shipping address, if different from the home address, details of the person authorized to collect the parcel: name, surname, telephone number (if different from the Buyer). If the Buyer indicates a person other than himself authorized to collect the parcel, he is responsible for its actions or omissions as for his own.
3. Providing mandatory data is voluntary, but without providing it, it is not possible to conclude and perform this contract.
4. The Seller uses the Buyers' personal data to use the Website, in particular to accept, service and execute orders, and for the purposes of billing and communication with Buyers, to which the Buyer agrees. The Seller may also use the Buyers' personal data to send them commercial information, if they have agreed to it on the terms set out in §4.
5. The Buyer declares that he has been informed about his rights under the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, and in particular about:
a. The right to access his personal data, request their correction, supplementation and removal, he notifies the Seller by e-mail;
b. The address of the seat and the full name of the data controller (i.e. the Seller)
c. Expected recipients or categories of recipients of data, which are:
- Seller's employees or persons providing services to the Seller in the scope related to the Website's activity;
- Lessor of the server on which the website is located;
- The entity administering the server on which the Website is located.

§3 Determining the details of the order
2. If the Buyer has not previously registered, he accepts the Regulations at the latest when sending the details of the Order to the Seller.
3. Placing an Order via the Form is as follows:
a. The Buyer clicks on the Product that interests him;
b. he provides the personal data indicated in par. 3
c. he chooses the form of payment and shipping;
d. he gives:
- the number of ordered Products, indicating - in the case of invitations, how many are to be personalized, how many are to be dotted, in the case of notifications - how many are to be personalized and how many are dotted
- guest list (please send it to: [email protected]). The list of guests is used in the Invitations in the form in which the Seller receives it from the Buyer, it does not interfere with its content or errors, e.g. spelling (errors in the names or names of guests).
- invitation template;
- interior design (artwork);
- font number for the cover;
- an inscription on the cover of the invitation and the announcement;
- the number of the ribbon
- type of paper
- cubic zirconia;
- type of envelopes and their quantity;
- content of the invitation
- additional remarks:
e. immediately before sending the details of the Order, the Buyer has the opportunity to get acquainted with the main features of the ordered Product (description and information about it, visible after clicking on its name, in particular technical data and parameters), the way of communicating with the Seller, the total price along with taxes, charges for transport, delivery, postal services and other costs and the minimum duration of the obligations under the contract.
From the moment of placing the Order, the Buyer obtains clear and legible information about any delivery restrictions and the accepted methods of payment
g. The Buyer reads the Regulations and accepts them.
f. The Buyer clicks "send", which means sending the details of the Order to the Seller.
3. One Order may concern a minimum of 30 pieces of one Invitation and / or Notification template and / or wedding additions (vignettes, pendants, boxes, etc.).
§5 Sending the Project
4. After receiving the details of the Order, the graphic (acting on behalf of the Seller) sends the Buyer, by e-mail, in PDF format, within an indicative period of up to 4 working days from receiving the Order, prepared on the basis of the data contained in the Form, the Product Design, hereinafter referred to as: " Project ". This deadline may be extended depending on the amount of work needed to prepare the Project.
5. Sending the Order does not require the Buyer to accept it later or conclude a contract with the Seller.
6. On the Project, the beauty elements are symbolically marked, where they will be, they do not show color and texture.
7. The Buyer has the right to submit amendments to the Design, describing them in an e-mail to the graphic designer. After receiving the notification of corrections, the graphic designer will send the Buyer the corrected Design within 1-2 business days of receiving the notification of corrections. This deadline may be extended depending on the amount of work needed to improve the Project. Submitting amendments is free and the Buyer may submit them until the desired appearance of the ordered Product is obtained.
8. At the stage from submitting the Order to Project approval, the Buyer and the Seller are not obliged to complete the order and may withdraw from it at any time, without any claims or costs. In particular, the Seller may refuse to prepare a Design or take into account corrections, in the event of
- errors in the Order submission process;
- when the preparation of a Project or consideration of submitted amendments would require an excessive amount of work, time or resources;
- when there are doubts as to the Buyer's compliance with the Regulations;
- when there are doubts as to the credibility or identity of the Buyer.

§6 Project Acceptance (placing an Order)

10. Before accepting the Design, the Buyer is displayed a page with visible details of the Order. At the same time, a button appears with the words "They accept the Design and place an Order with the obligation to pay". When you click on this button, the Buyer places an Order - with the details specified in the approved Design. Placing an order by the Buyer means submitting an offer (within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Civil Code) to conclude a contract for the performance of the Order with the details specified in the approved Design.
11. Upon placing the Order, the Buyer declares that he accepts the Project in full, that he has checked the correctness of all data, in particular that there are no spelling, stylistic or punctuation errors, typos. After accepting the Design, the Buyer is no longer able to make changes to the content of the Product, personalization, type, color, paper and decorative elements (ribbon, cubic zirconia). The order will be made according to the approved Design. Acceptance of the Design is tantamount to the fact that the Buyer wants to receive the Product with the content and in the form in which it was presented in the Design.
12. The Buyer may not refer to the non-compliance of the content or form of the Project with his expectations, if such content or form has been accepted by him.
13. The Seller is obliged - at the latest upon the submission of the offer by the Buyer, who is a consumer, to obtain his express consent for any additional payment exceeding the agreed remuneration for the Seller's main contractual obligations.

§7 Confirmation of placing orders
14. The Seller confirms to the Buyer placing the Order by displaying the "summary" page and by electronic means (Confirmation of placing the order). The seller may also ask him to further specify the offer and verify the data provided by him when registering or placing an order. Confirmation of the order is only information about the delivery of the order to the Seller's ICT system and does not constitute a confirmation of the acceptance of the purchase offer by the Seller, nor does it constitute a confirmation of the Product availability from the Seller. The buyer can also download the order details as a PDF file.
15. The Seller may display to the Buyer information about the status of the Order (if the Buyer has registered, the Order status may be viewed in the "Purchase History"):
a. During completion - not all ordered Products are available (or none are available) and you should wait for confirmation of the order to be processed
b. Acceptance of the order for execution - at this point the contract is concludedmaking the Product;
c. Awaiting payment - the order has been accepted for execution, but has not been paid.
d. Paid - the order has been accepted and paid for.
e. Sent - the ordered Products have been shipped.
f. Canceled - the order has been canceled.

§8 Product delivery
1. The Seller is obliged to deliver a Product free from defects.
2. The order fulfillment time is 4 business days. The time of order fulfillment is understood as the time from the date of accepting the draft Order to the date on which the package is handed over to the courier company. This time is extended by the time between the acceptance of the Order and the payment of the Price together with shipping costs by the Buyer, unless the Buyer has chosen payment on delivery.
3. The condition for sending the Product is the Buyer's payment of the Price together with the shipping costs, unless the Buyer has chosen to pay on delivery.
4. For important reasons (eg unfavorable weather conditions, frost, snow, heavy rainfall), the time of the contract referred to in paragraph 2 may be extended. In this case, the Seller informs the Buyer, stating the reason for the delay and the probable time of order fulfillment. In this case, the Buyer may withdraw from the contract within 10 days from the date of delivery of the information from the Seller. The Buyer's withdrawal shall be made in writing, otherwise null and void. The Seller returns the amount paid by the Buyer.
5. As soon as the Buyer who is a consumer of the Product is delivered, the risk of accidental loss or damage to the Product shall be transferred to him. The release of the Product is considered to be entrusting the Product by the Seller to the carrier (deliverer), if the Seller had no influence on the choice of the carrier (deliverer) by the Buyer who was a consumer.


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