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How many extra Wedding Invitations to order ?


Applying the 10% Rule for Ordering Extra Invitations

The 10% Rule for Ordering Extra Invitations is a practical way to make sure you have enough invitations for your wedding. This rule means ordering 10% more than the guests you plan to invite. This helps with any mistakes and for if you add to the list later.

To apply the rule:

  1. Work out the number of guests.
  2. Multiply it by 1.1.
  3. Round up to the nearest whole number.
  4. Consider if there are extra circumstances, like divided families.
  5. Increase the buffer if the guest list is large or if mistakes are likely.
  6. Check with the wedding stationer to make sure they can do the order.

Remember, every wedding is different. Think about special circumstances that might need more invitations. With careful thought and help from the stationer, you can use this rule to make sure you have enough invitations.

Importance of Ordering Extra Envelopes

Ordering extra envelopes for a wedding is essential. Without them, there's a risk of running out and delaying the invitations. This could lead to confusion and frustration amongst guests.

To prevent this, plan ahead and order enough extras. Take into account potential mistakes, last-minute additions, and spares. Extra envelopes provide a solution and flexibility. They allow for addressing changes, returned invitations, and extra invites to select individuals.

When it comes to wedding invitations, attention to detail is key. Couples can show commitment and professionalism with extra envelopes. This will create a positive impression and set the tone for a memorable event.

Pro Tip: When ordering, add a few extra beyond what is needed. This will help with unexpected circumstances or changes in the invitation process. It's best to have more than face the inconvenience and stress of running out.

Benefits of Ordering Extra Invitations

Ordering extra wedding invitations can be advantageous. Unexpected extras help to avoid awkwardness or embarrassment. Plus, they make great mementos or can be used in the future. It also gives you flexibility for inviting more people. Finally, it gives peace of mind in case of any issues.

In addition, extra invitations can serve as a backup. This makes sure all guests can attend and partake in the celebration. Moreover, they are helpful for guests who mistakenly misplaced their invitation. These advantages create a smoother and more inclusive experience.

Pro Tip: When ordering, factor in 10% more than the guest count. This gives a buffer for any changes without reordering and potential extra costs.

Additional Tips for Ordering Wedding Invitations

When it comes to ordering wedding invitations, there are a few extra tips that can make the process smoother and more cost-effective. In this section, we will explore these additional tips, including a cheaper option for invitations, the importance of ordering extras, and the benefits of utilizing online RSVPs. Let's dive in and discover how these tips can help you make the right choices for your wedding invitations.

Tip #1: Cheaper Option

Tip #1: Cheaper Option is a great way to save money on wedding invitations. You can choose from basic designs, templates, and freebies. These cost-effective options let you customize and even print your own invitations. Plus, you'll have more money for other parts of the wedding like the venue or catering. And if you're smart about it, you might even be able to order extra invites without breaking the bank!

However, do remember to review samples and read reviews before making any decisions. The average couple spends around $590 on wedding invitations, so it's important not to sacrifice quality.

Tip #2: Order Extra

Ordering extra wedding invites is key. It can help with last-minute changes or mistakes.

A 3-Step Guide:

  1. Calculate the tentative number of guests: Estimate the number of people to invite.
  2. Apply the 10% rule: Order an extra 10% of invites for changes/mistakes.
  3. Consider other factors: Extras as keepsakes, damaged mail, addressing errors.

Ordering extra gives peace of mind knowing you are prepared for any changes.

Fear of Missing Out Call-to-Action:

Take steps to order extra. Avoid stress and disappointment. Order now and have enough for the big day.

Online RSVPs add to the fun!

Keywords: tip #2: order extra

Tip #3: Online RSVP

Include RSVP details for guests to easily respond electronically!

Create a user-friendly interface.

Request names, contact info, and dietary preferences.

Set a deadline to track responses digitally.

Send reminders to those who haven't responded yet.

Online RSVP can help streamline communication and simplify guest response management.

Make your event more efficient and organized!


When deciding how many extra wedding invitations to order, several factors should be taken into account. These can include the chance of guests bringing someone else, any additions to the guest list at the last minute, and the value of having extra invitations for keepsakes. It's wise to order a few extra to cover these possibilities. Incorporating the keyword "conclusion" naturally in the text below, it's also important to consider potential mistakes when sending out invitations. Printing errors or wrong addresses could mean more invitations are needed. Having some extra invites can guarantee that all guests get one without any delays. Plus, it's handy to have extra invitations should some people not included initially be added later. This means no last minute printing or ordering is required.

Some Facts About How Many Extra Wedding Invitations to Order:

  • ✅ When ordering wedding invitations, it is recommended to order approximately 10% more than your final guest count. (Source: Wedding Frontier)
  • ✅ The number of wedding invitations needed is not equal to the number of guests. It is recommended to have approximately half the number of guests as wedding invitations. (Source: idieh design)
  • ✅ The cost of printing small quantities of invitations is more expensive than adding a few extras to the original order. (Source: Lively Letter)
  • ✅ It is recommended to order extra wedding invitations as a safety net, adding at least 10 extra invites. (Source: Banter and Charm)
  • ✅ It is important to order the right amount of wedding invitations to avoid wasting money or needing costly re-prints. Ordering extra invitations upfront is more cost-effective than having to order more later. (Source: East + West Designs)

FAQs about How Many Extra Wedding Invitations To Order

How many extra wedding invitations should I order?

When ordering wedding invitations, it is recommended to order about 10% more than your final guest count. However, this rule of thumb does not mean simply adding 10% to your total guest list. You should consider factors such as households, roommates, and personal use when calculating the number of extra invitations needed. For example, if you are inviting 250 guests and have accounted for households and personal use, you would need to order around 141 invitations.

Why should I order extra wedding invitations?

Ordering extra wedding invitations has several benefits. It allows for last-minute additions to the guest list, covers any mistakes in handwriting or details, and can be more cost-effective than making multiple trips to the stationer. Additionally, having extra invitations gives you more time to assemble and send out the invitations, reducing stress levels.

How do I calculate the number of extra invitations needed?

To calculate the number of extra invitations needed, you can use tips and tricks such as starting with 60% of the total guest list, listing households separately in a spreadsheet, and adding extra invitations for last-minute additions, keepsakes, and potential damage. It is generally recommended to add at least 10 extra invitations to the total number needed to account for unforeseen circumstances.

Should I order extra envelopes as well?

Yes, it is advisable to order extra envelopes as well. It is recommended to order around 20% more envelopes than the total number of invitations. This will account for addressing errors, mistakes, or the need for additional envelopes if you hire a calligrapher or handwrite the addresses yourself.

Is it more cost-effective to order extra invitations upfront?

Yes, ordering extra invitations upfront is more cost-effective than having to order more later. Stationery designers often have a minimum order price, so printing small quantities is more expensive than adding a few extras to the original order. By ordering extra invitations initially, you can avoid the need for costly re-prints and potential price differences.

What should I do if I need assistance with determining the number of invitations to order?

If you need help determining the number of invitations to order, you have several options. You can consult your wedding planner or wedding stationer for guidance. Additionally, many wedding stationers offer their expertise and advice through online resources such as the Girl Talk Series or by providing a free quote to understand the price difference between different quantities of invitations.

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